Webinar - Single Site working arrangements presentation Now Available!!

Given the rapidly evolving Covid-19 situation in Victoria, the Guiding Principles Support Hub hosted a webinar on the 1 June on single site working arrangements to respond to queries from providers requesting support and information to help them move to single site operations. To view the presentation click here

or watch the recording by clicking on this link Webinar Recording

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Hotspots sites for Greater Melbourne 28/05/21 added – Click Here

Guiding Principles for residential aged care – keeping Victorian residents and workers safe (updated 15 June 2021)

Guiding Principles and Single Site funding extended until 24 June 2021 in Greater Melbourne (updated 08 June 2021)

Guiding Principles for Residential Aged Care in Victoria Updated (updated 04 June 2021)

Transition to Single Site Operations Webinar Recording Click here to watch the recording (uploaded 02 June 2021)

Transitioning to Single Site Operations – Information for RACF Providers in Melbourne Metropolitan (updated 02 June 2021)

Single Site Funding Support for COVID-19 impacted areas of Victoria – implemented 27th May (updated  28 May 2021)

Funding availability update (added 20th May 2021)

Tips for continuity of care during workforce disruption (added 12/05/21)


Other News

Melbourne Hotspot ends 17 February 21. Services can claim costs incurred above regular expenditure due to SSE implementation across the period 13/02/21 – 17/02/21  through the grants application process open  until 30 June 2021. Refer questions to grants portal , call the Support Hub hotline or lodge a question on line through our Support Hub portal


Funding for single site Guiding Principles is ending in Victoria, NSW and Qld.

See announcement here and keep checking the Guiding Principles Support Hub for the transition out FAQ and  letter templates.



Welcome to your Support Hub

The Hub has been developed to support providers and their staff in declared hotspots who have opted into the Guiding Principles for Residential Aged care – Keeping Residents and Workers Safe.

Hotline: 1800 491 793

Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

For enquiries outside of our contact hours, please submit a support request using our online form here

Guiding Principles

To keep residents and workers located in hotspots in Victoria, NSW and QLD protected from the risks of acquiring COVID-19 in residential aged care facilities;

To have aged care workers based with one residential aged care facility only during this high risk pandemic period; and

To reduce the risk of aged care workers unintentionally transmitting COVID-19 by working across multiple sites.

Read the latest Guiding Principles for Residential Aged Care for your State here

Key Contacts

Aged & Community Services Australia

Leading Aged Care Services Australia

Victorian Department of Health

Cth Department of Health

More Resources

The Support Hub is a repository of handy resources across:

  • Employment Relations
  • Clinical Consulting
  • Workforce mobilisation

The Support Hub will continue to be refreshed and updated throughout the Pandemic as new information is made available.

Support Services

Clinical Support

ACSA and LASA are pleased to offer Clinical Support & Guidance Services to assist residential aged care providers implement the Guiding Principles for residential aged care – keeping residents and workers safe.

Employee Relations

The Guiding Principles for Residential Aged Care aim to improve health and safety outcomes of consumers and staff by building a framework which assists in limiting the movement of staff between providers and sites.

Supplier Register

This supplier register is intended to be a handy resource to assist providers access information, products and services that may assist through the implementation of the Guiding Principles.

Guiding Principles Support Webinar

Download Presentation

Guiding Principles Support Webinar first page

To access the Guiding Principles presentation click the link below

Guiding Principles Support Hub webinar

Watch the Video

Single Site Grant Funds Webinar

Accessing Single Site Grant Funds Webinar – 2pm AEST, Tuesday 8 September

The Guiding Principles Support Hub, ACSA and LASA  hosted this informative session for residential aged care providers in Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire who would like to access available grant funding to support transition to and management of single site operations.

The session, presented by the Residential Sector Support Taskforce from the Commonwealth Department of Health provides an update on recent funding announcements, an overview of the grant application process and a worked example showing how to use the application spreadsheet.

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session, where questions were addressed to the presenters as well as Guiding Principle Support Hub clinical, employment relations and industrial relations experts.

Watch the webinar recording and/or download the presentation below.

Download Presentation

To access the Guiding Principles presentation click the link below

Guiding Principles Grants webinar

Watch the Video